RMN for Your Business
Four Ways We Can Help
On air, our AM and FM stations always ask people to tune into us. However, as far as our sales and marketing team is concerned, WE are the ones tuned in to YOU.
Over the years, RMN has kept the highest standards of media practice and promoted contemporary views for effective communication. And aside from providing you with real nationwide broadcasting and entertainment, our nationwide network of capable staff has the experience and expertise to provide you with the tools and resources that can be tailor-fitted to promote your brands and grow your business.
Here are four ways we can help you:
1. With our abundant number of stations nationwide, we can help you widen your reach.
In 2010, RMN expanded with 18 new Luzon stations, bringing our total of 55 stations nationwide. These stations are localized, each assigned with local announcers, DJs, and staff members. The greatest benefit your company can gain from this set-up is that we can assure effective communication because each of our stations has a good grasp of the unique culture of their each area. With our capability to add a local touch to our programs, you can be sure that we will be able to deliver your message effectively; not to mention that our DJs and announcers speak the local dialects too.
2. With our advanced technology, we can serve you faster than ever.
RMN is the first in the country to use WINMedia for playing music, trafficking, and commercial logging. With this technology, our operations have become faster by up to 1600% and what used to take weeks to accomplish is now trimmed down to 2 days.
Moreover, iFM Manila now has a stronger signal with its new transmitter and its transfer to a new location in San Juan. This equates to having better reception and a wider geographic coverage. RMN also purchased brand new AM Transmitters for 13 key areas of the country that will provide greater efficiency and better performance.
Lastly, iFM 93.9 Manila is now broadcasting on HD. We are the first in the country to bring this advanced technology that provides clear, CD-like sound quality and the capacity to display texts like song titles, greetings, news, and advertisements.
3. With our very capable staff, we can give you the best service - one that goes beyond
    what is asked for.
Excellent Service. RMN takes pride in the quality of service that we give our clients. We are very responsive to your needs and we always go out of our way to help you even with the most unusual problems. Our Team is a unified group of people that is not only composed of the Sales Department but is also greatly backed-up by our Marketing Department, Creative Department, Traffic Department and our local stations nationwide.
Together, we work as one to help you achieve the goals of your business.
Our outstanding services include the conceptualization and creative execution of radio promos such as texting promos or live on-air promos. Aside from this, we are also very capable in handling on-ground activities because of our 55 stations scattered throughout the country. You can be sure that we will be able to provide you with creative and logistical support as we already have our own directory of local contacts nationwide. And for your convenience, we can also do over-all project management where we can monitor and submit reports for your events and promos.
4. With our great number of loyal and responsive listeners, we can assure you that you will be able
    to reach your target market effectively.
RMN continues to set the bar in radio broadcasting with a solid mix of strong and top-rated programs both in our AM and FM stations.
When it comes to our AM programming, we are rated as the number 1 station for public service and information. As such, we continue to enhance our programs that are beneficial to our listeners, such as Bantay OFW, Ito Ang Batas, RMN News Nationwide and various radio dramas in provincial areas.
Being the pioneer in the happy entertainment platform, our FM stations have unique characteristics that listeners love to hear. Such an example would be iFM Manila’s Kamote Club, a program hosted by Pakito Jones and Sir Rex Kantatero. This program includes radio skits and song parodies religiously followed by its fans and in YouTube, it has generated more than 5 million views in just 7 months. Another favorite personality is DJ Yumi and iFM’s entertaining features such as Horoscope ni Tomas and Hanep Hanap na Kanta.
Indeed, the "Tatak RMN" standard that we have become known for represents our commitment to real nationwide public service and entertainment that go beyond the usual.
We hope to be of service to your company, and we look forward to helping you grow your business.
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