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RMN is the largest radio network in the Philippines with almost 60 company-owned AM & FM radio stations located around the Philippines.

In 1948, Don Henry R. Canoy, together with Robin Cui and Vicente Rivera, set up two home-built tube radio receivers in Cagayan de Oro. The group decided to build a 30-Watt radio transmitter of their own that perfected their standards from surplus parts bought from Manila.

"This is Cagayan de Oro calling..."

Henry Canoy broke the airwaves as a pirate radio station in 1949. In 1950, his brother Atty. Reuben R. Canoy decided to establish a more powerful radio station and applied for a congressional franchise in Manila. On the 23rd of June 1952, he was granted a permit to maintain and operate the radio broadcasting station, and that marked the beginnings of the radio empire we now know as RMN.

RMN officially started broadcasting on August 28, 1952 as listeners anticipated the first words they would hear on radio and were greeted the station ID every hour thereafter. The radio signal was able to reach in Bukidnon 30 km away.

In 1954, Henry R. Canoy visited the United States and he opted to be taken to a small town of Greeley, Colorado. He came upon a station that was doing exactly what DXCC was already trying to do in Mindanao. He came back with the blueprint for DXCC, which is entertainment, information and most of all education to the public. Its success enabled DXCC to expand to Iligan, then to Butuan and Davao.

By 1957, the station with a coconut tree for an antenna had given birth to four others. And so the string of community stations became Radio Mindanao Network (RMN).

In 1962, RMN's approach to broadcasting drew the interest the late Andres Soriano Sr. of San Miguel Corporation who eventually brought the radio network to Manila, the first provincial station to do so. "The Sound of the City" concept was born with the establishment of DZHP in Metro Manila. Its format was strictly music and news. RMN joined forces with the Philippine Herald and Inter-Island Broadcasting Corporation to form the powerful first tri-media organization. That association put RMN at the forefront of broadcast journalism and public service.

In 1968, RMN made a "first" in Philippine radio history by pioneering in the delivery of national newscasts via microwave. The Tri-Media News Central in Manila emanated fast, direct, and crystal clear network newscasts as events happened in all parts of the country via stations DZHP in Manila, DZHB in Baguio, DYHP in Cebu, DXVM in Cagayan de Oro and DXDC in Davao.

RMN officially started broadcasting on August 28, 1952 as listeners anticipated the first words they would hear on radio... and were greeted the station ID every hour thereafter.

The network's first radio station was DXCC, established in Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao on August 28, 1952. The callsign has been supposed as a reference to the surnames of the business' founders (Canoy and Cui) but, according to founder Henry Canoy in his memoir, was actually chosen to mean Cagayan de Oro Community.

From 1969 onwards, RMN continued to expand to different areas in Luzon, Visayas and Minadanao.

RMN also increased its coverage by entering into tie-up arrangements with smaller networks. Under this scheme, RMN provided programming, marketing, technical and management expertise. This gave birth to a new name for these stations under the RMN umbrella - Radio Mindanao Network, Inc. and Associates.

In 1985, the programming of all RMN FM stations was also re-oriented to cater to a younger pop music audience. This was in line with the network's philosophy of positioning to be No.1 in listenership ratings. To give more emphasis to the emerging FM station market, RMN also divided its operations into two Operating Divisions, AM and FM.

On August 28, 1991, TV-8, RMN's first television station went on the air in Cagayan de Oro City. Thirty nine years after its start, RMN was now venturing into television. In December 1991, RMN was also granted a permit to operate a UHF television station in Metro Manila.

In 1998, it went global by establishing the first Philippine radio station to conquer the United States airwaves through WRMN in New York.

In June 2007, RMN's FM station DWKC 93.9 in Manila was the first commercial station in the country to broadcast with HD Radio technology. It broadcasts in three HD Radio digital audio channels along with its pre-existing analog signal.

Radio Mindanao Network remains the legal name of the radio network, while Radyo Mo Nationwide is the slogan of the network.
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